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The Essential IT Buying Guide for Vets

Whether you're buying computers, laptops, monitors, printers or display solutions, we've got you covered with our Essential IT Buying Guide for Vets!

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The 'must have' guide to buying the right IT equipment for your veterinary practice.

Cost and Budget

We talk through the types and standards of equipment that you can get for your budget. Why expensive isn't always best and how to get a good return on investment.


We address the critical specifications that veterinary practices require and why this is important to consider when investing in IT equipment.


We explain the other considerations that you may not have been aware of that you will need to think about before making a decision.

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Jack Peploe

Author, Veterinary IT Expert &
Certified Ethical Hacker

IT expert Jack Peploe has worked with the veterinary sector for over 15 years.

He knows that all vets are highly trained in their profession, but know little about IT infrasturcture or cyber security, which is where he comes in!

Jack has helped veterinary practices accross the UK to function in a secure, professional and efficient manner so that they can focus on patient care. Join them.

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